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About EcoPro Jardin

EcoPro Jardin provides you with novel, eco-friendly and healthy approach to managing your green space. Because we value our expertise and profession, we work the land because we care for our environment, the health of our children and our ecological future.

We devote our efforts to the well-being of our customers in a natural and efficient manner for the enjoyment of our environment. Our products are thus 100% organic and free of pesticides.

Octavio Saavedra – gardener and landscaper

Octavio Saavedra has been working as a gardener and landscaper for 18 years. With 15 years of expertise in developing residential, commercial and agricultural irrigation systems and 12 years working as a landscaper, he carries an level of expertise unmatched in managing and maintaining your garden and lawn.


With the purchase of a complete fertilization program, obtain one of our services for free

Opening or winterization of your irrigation system

1 hour of repair service of your irrigation system

The fertilization of your flowerbeds


Our fertilizer is an integral part of the various expert services we offer for managing your green space.

Our fertilizer


Our secret is a unique all-in-one fertilizer for all your green space! The bio-preparation of our fertilizer is specially adapted to the Quebec climate and is designed with a unique and scientifically tested mixture of 100% organic fertilizers and excludes any use of pesticides or other toxic elements. As is present around us, our careful blend of fertilizers is based on nature’s gold ratio. Our fertilizer is thus beneficial to the environment and as a result, your family can enjoy a healthier green space during summer.


Unlike NPK fertilizers that only contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, our fertilizer product is enriched with a wide variety of 100% natural ingredients such as marine salts, minerals and effective microorganisms harvested from Quebec’s soil to better feed all your plants and lawn throughout the year. Our fertilizer works so well that results are visible after just 1 week with a richer and greener lawn and a fuller and healthier garden!


The variety of ingredients present in our fertilizer is what stimulates the soil’s biodiverty and the microorganisms favours the natural decomposition of nutrients in the soil through nature’s cycle. As a result, your soil is enriched with a high oxygen content that promotes the retention of nutrients to better nourish the roots of all your green space! The result is guaranteed fertilization that lasts a long time!


Octavio Saavedra: 438-932-9417 – Alberto Restrepo: 647-290-6924 – info@ecoprojardin.com